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Custom Synthesis
Custom Synthesis

Kangnuo provides a comprehensible system of custom synthesis from initial research, development and final process optimizing. We achieve this thanks to a group of experienced and dynamic R&D team. In order to encourage creativity and vitality, Kannguo is sparing no efforts in seeking niche pharmaceutical products and catering to customers’ needs. The R&D team is highly responsible for each experiment unit and trying their best to provide support for new item application at all levels. They collect real-time data from manufacturing origin, adapt process conditions to mass production level by analyzing and optimizing. Since establishment, Kannguo is making diverse collaboration with customers on specialty chemicals and niche products. 

Custom synthesis has become one of our integrated advantages. Full set of economical, time-saving and environmental-friendly routes are the most persuasive reasons for our customers to collaborate with us. If you are interested, choose us as your business partner. 

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