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 To W3C32 at 2015 CPHI ---Come and discuss business

Shanghai CPHI 2015 is drawing near at hand, which is fixed at a period during June 24 to 26. Kangnuo Bioengineering is making full preparation for the coming successive event with Booth No. W3C32. We raise our strongest desire to invite all the relevant pharmaceutical wholesalers, traders and manufacturers to discuss business with positive perspective and reach more healthy relationship among us.

As a general rule, directors and executives afford high attention to booth decoration and design under the principle of simpleness, top-grade and exquisiteness. We supply a better commercial environment and more comfortable atmosphere. Kangnuo has made good acquaintance and fostered excellent business relationship with domestic and overseas peers aggressively. A more powerful world-wide marketing network system has come into effect, leading to stronger influence and better reputation.

Since its establishment, Kangnuo has been seeking innovations and improvement in process and technology. We are aiming to be equipped with best quality, management and vision. Please come to our Booth W3C32 any time during CPHI. You are always welcome.

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