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 Reconstructing perspective from CPHI 2015

4-member team of Kangnuo marketing department went to Shanghai to attend the 15th CPHI as well as P-MEC 2015 during 24-26, June. The great exhibition has seen a big harvest through peer communications and chatting.


Before the event, marketing department had been performing all procedures including inviting and e-mailing dozens of reputed and high profile pharmaceutical enterprises globally, fixing dates of meeting and business discussing, and collecting fundamental documentations. All the hard work paid off at CPHI site. While for this year, customers advocated more precise requirements for product inquiry. We made more intensive chatting over the concern of quality, capacity and technical advantage, which laid a solid foundation for future business contact.


Pharmaceutical colleagues all made healthy and beautiful comments about industry trend. The globalism becomes more intensive in terms of pharmaceutical market. Quality depends on vision. Speed depends on height. Back from CPHI 2015, Kangnuo will work more hard to progress further on marketing sensing and technology development, also take more strict standards towards each manufacturing department and process step. In that situation, we believe that, Kangnuo will make more contributions to pharmaceutical industry through more qualified and reputed products.

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